Supported Decision Making: Fostering the Self-Determination of Individuals with Disabilities

The Massachusetts Guardianship Institute partnered with students enrolled in the Legal Skills in Social Context program, a social justice clinical offering at Northeastern University School of Law, in a project to review supported decision making as an alternative to guardianship.
Students conducted a detailed review of literature and policy surrounding supported decision making, including its theoretical underpinnings and existing programs and models. The class also interviewed individuals and supporters participating in supported decision making, lawmakers reviewing the issue, and representatives of programs that offer supported decision making.

On April 10, members of the Institute had the opportunity to review the class’ products, including a thorough white paper and training materials for persons who wish to serve as a decisional-support volunteer under an SDM agreement. Their products are timely because Massachusetts has supported decision making legislation pending for the 2019-2020 legislative session and these findings will be helpful in demonstrating the worth of supported decision making as a less restrictive alternative to guardianship.

The white paper can be accessed here and the Guardianship Academy will soon be adding supported decision making to its cadre of trainings. If you are interested in attending a training or offering a training at your location, please contact us!

For the full study click here!

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