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The Massachusetts Guardianship Policy Institute is a collaboration of non-profit organizations and private stakeholders who are working to inspire policy change and social justice for adults with decisional support needs in Massachusetts. Through research, education and advocacy we seek to improve the understanding of decisional incapacity and how to respond to it. Society today is struggling to provide the right kind of help, with as little burden as possible upon individual rights, to all of those who need it, especially the thousands of isolated and indigent individuals who are left behind by the public programs currently funded by select state agencies. The problems we address are complex and longstanding, and there are no easy answers. We are committed, however, to understanding the problems better and shedding light on new solutions, especially for the poorest and most vulnerable among us.

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The Institute conducts research into the extent of need for guardianship and/or alternative decision-making support services in Massachusetts. Anecdotal evidence of such needs abounds. Formal research, however, is scarce not only in Massachusetts, but nationwide.

The Institute also sponsors education to bring the results of its research into wider circulation and to stimulate public debate on policy solutions to the unmet need for guardianship and its alternatives.

The Institute also provides advocacy by reaching out to community leaders, policy-makers, scholars and other advocates statewide to encourage better policy to address unmet protective needs in Massachusetts.

We offer education and training on guardianship, plus events and lectures on other topics covered under guardianship.

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